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Originally Posted by Dojji View Post
Montreal. They don't care about being dominated physically, they just start diving and turn it around on the physical team. They revel in softness. They prosper by softness. It's the softness of a willow tree. It's the softness of a silk bulletproof vest. Softness is one of their strengths, it gets them their beloved power plays, and allows them to just play a tight trap in 5 on 5 and wait for a team to get frustrated enough to give them more power plays. That's why a team that is so small can be so deadly at times.

It's a comprehensive strategy with them, and one that's built around other teams' ability to manhandle them physically, and turning that into a weapon for their own purposes. It's slick, professional, intelligent, and soft as melted ice cream. In other words, it's perfect hockey, in its own limp-wristed way.
Why do you have to make this thread into a stillborn?

Now 5-6 pages will be wasted on people quoting and replying to this.

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