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08-10-2011, 09:35 PM
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Originally Posted by DiesIrae View Post
I have a question. what exactly should you do when taking a corner with a good amount of speed? I know to flex out the inside leg so its pointing outwards but should you shift your body as well? and how much?

I took a corner today at about 35km/h and decided to sit up on the bike and lean into the turn with my body and my back tire skidded like crazy and I thought I was going to wipe out. obviously I was doing something wrong .

its hard to tell what the pros do from watching because they take corners so fast and the cameras dont really give you an idea what they are doing with their body except for pointing the inside leg out, and the bike is angled towards the ground.
Usually when I corner I have my inside leg just past the top of the pedal stroke, and my outer leg is toward the bottom of the pedal stroke. Sometimes I have both legs near the same level. The knee of the inside leg should be pointing into the corner. DON'T BRAKE! You probably shouldn't sit up during the turn, either, as I'd have to guess that's why you slid out. Try to keep your center of gravity as low as possible. I try to keep my weight balanced on the pedals and lean into the turn.

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