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08-10-2011, 09:55 PM
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I play goalie, so I consider them my speicality, if you will. Still though, I'm just some high school goalie, so my word is hardly law. Take it with a grain of salt.

I've worked with Mitch Korn, and he told me goaltending is 1/3 physcial, 1/3 mental, and 1/3 emotional. Keeping that in mind

Lindback- He had some jitters and wasn't used to the NA game, but this kid is the real deal. He showed some serious guts coming in for Rinne starting game #1. He was poised in calm in the highest pressure situation imaginable for the kid. This kid is the real deal. Worst case scenario- Chris Mason (quality backup, decent injury fill in starter), best case scenario Rinne 2.0 (very unlikely, but he has the potential). He has the physical, mental, and emotional attributes he needs.

Pickard- Physically and emotionally, I believe Chet is a very good goalie. All of his mistakes are mental. He loses focus, doesn't challenge, and general doesn't think straight. If he can learn to focus 100% on the puck, he can still pan out. The odds of that are.....well, not good IMO. Worst case scenario: Lifetime ECHL/AHLer, Best Case Scenario: Brent Johnson

Engren- I dont know anything about him....

Hellberg- See above, but he looked very impressive at prospect camp.

Smith- Smith has the physical and mental components, but isn't as good emotionally. He lets his emotions take over too often and doesn't follow his head. He scrambles and often overcommitts. If he could take a step back and think a little more instead of reacting, he could be very good. If anyone can save him, it's Mitch. Worst Case Scenario: Lifetime AHL, Best Case Scenario: Chris Mason

Once again, just my humble opinion

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