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10-22-2003, 07:15 PM
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Well what can I say that hasn't been said already. I had all these initial reaction comments and I come on here and everyone has already said them. First of all, like erverybody has already said, we are very weak on fowards, especially with Svatos being so injury prone. If Kono leaves next year, this is a horrible deal. What I'm really worried about, and was worried about even before this deal, is who do we trade if we need a goalie for the playoffs, Skoula? (and I think PL will trade for one no matter how well Abby is playing) Ok he's as good as gone, but we definitley need a quality D man to replace him, and I know PL agrees since he always deals for defensman at the deadline. Skoula won't get us a Quality playoff starter. Who's left? Trading away any of the fowards leaves us thin up front. So great, that means either Tanguay, or god forbid Hejduk(I wouldn't put it past PL at this point) gets dealt at the deadline, which further jeopordizes our future foward ranks.

I agree with everyone that Forsberg will go back to Sweeden next year(since he wants to go back while he is still in his prime) and Kariya and Selanne are probably gone as well, since they want to play together, and everything I have heard from Kariya is how much he values being able to choose where he will play next year.

So that leaves us with what next year? Sakic,(who will be 35) Hejduk, and who? Svatos hopefully, if he can recover from yet another shoulder surgery, but who else will play on the top six, Cody MocCormick. You can see why I'm starting to worry. Johanson may well prove to be a bust, but compared to Vrbata and Nederost, the other potential stars we traded, Johanson was supposed to be the best. He also suposedly learned some grit playing for Kamloops, which is what keeps a talented player from being a bust in my opinion. I have been waiting for a potential Sweedish line with Forsberg and Johansson, who I though would have good chemisty together, but will never see it now. Also like everyone has already said, I would feel a lot better if next years draft was a good one, or even a decent one, but a poor one just adds to the concern, even with our habit of picking the diamonds in the ruff.

At least Kono is the type of player we needed, with leadership, PK ability, and defensive awarness. Who knows, maybe Pierre will get it right again. Maybe the future won't be so bad, and another player will emerge from our system that we never heard of next year. Maybe PL will make some good moves next offseason, getting some quality fowards for nothing for us. Maybe the Wahington deal was made so lopsided in their favor, this early on in the season, so that we could make one with Washington later on in the year, that is lopsided in our favor, and will land us Olaf Kolzig, which will even things out in the end. But as of now, our concern is valid, because all we can do is evaluate it on what we see now, and how we perceive the future from this point, and as of now it looks pretty bad.

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