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Originally Posted by sinettiseura View Post
Okay thanks for the analysis, Tormentor. You obiviously think that Barkov has great potential if you compare him to MacKinnon, Jones and Lazar. In this point he doesen't have any big flaws so everything is possible. He is still that young that he can still develop his leg speed quite well. And there is a chance that he grows still couple of inches and ends up something like 6'4. If that happens and his development continues I think that we could have a top 5 contender for 2013.
I guess my goal was to say that the consensus seems to be that there are at least a few prospects in 2013 that are perhaps better or more promising than Barkov at the moment. Therefore Barkov might be somewhere in the 6th to 15th range at the moment, but with potential to bypass some of the early favourites, if things go well.

If Barkov is a full time SM-liiga player in 2012/2013 and continues to show promise, I don’t see a reason why he couldn’t be a top-5 contender. If someone like Galchenyuk is a top-5 contender this year, I don’t think Barkov has anything to be ashamed about. Galchenyuk might have a slightly better scoring potential and a higher wow factor in his game, but on the other hand Barkov seems like a player you’d want to build your team around.

Originally Posted by sinettiseura View Post
Will be interesting to see jr A games next season.
I agree, there should be quite a lot of interesting prospects in Jr.A this upcoming season. We’ll probably get a good look of many 2013 prospects and it’s not even their draft year yet.

Originally Posted by sinettiseura View Post
I'm not yet sold on about opinions that his vision and his decisions with the puck are comparable to Mi. Granlund..
I wrote in another thread that Barkov reads the game really well and that a clear majority of his decisions are correct. The next sentence was; it’s almost Granlund like perfection in a NHL frame. …So not equal, but not that far either, at least in my opinion. During Granlund’s rookie season in SM-liiga there was an article in Jääkiekkolehti where a Finnish scouting organization did an in-depth analysis of Granlund’s game. I have a feeling that Barkov would score almost as well in a similar analysis.

And nevertheless Barkov’s hockey mind doesn’t have to be as exceptional as Granlund’s for him to be successful. Unlike Granlund, Barkov won’t have a size hindrance/handicap in comparison to most NHL players.

You seem to be well aware of upcoming Finnish prospects, I’d like to hear more about your views and opinions. Who do you think are the top Finnish prospects for 2013 at the moment? Maybe a top-3, top-5 or whatever you’re comfortable with. From what I’ve seen so far I’d have Barkov 1st, Ristolainen 2nd, Lehkonen 3rd, possibly Koivistoinen 4th and so on…

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I prefer Kivihame.
I'm glad that I'm not the only one suffering from sudden dyslexia.

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