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08-11-2011, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Seb View Post
Jesus can this ever end? Why are players so freaking dumb while on the habs?
where there is smoke, there is usually fire... the list of habs players openly venting/complaining to the media during/immediately after their experience with the habs coaches/management has been surprisingly negative the past few years.

at some point it can't just be about the players, something about the culture the management group (Gainey-Gauthier) has created seems to be "off".

Originally Posted by ForeverAlone View Post
His career is all flashes.

He sounds like his lovers in this board who pretend that he's playing well when he plays like crap. Maybe that's the reason holding him back from being a star a not a mediocre version of what he could be.
i take it your of the "management/coaches can do no wrong camp"?

Originally Posted by neofury View Post
I like Andrei but all I can say is that if we do trade him out of camp and we're going to lose the deal (duh) I'd rather make it a package deal to land someone better even if we still lose the trade than getting Ninimaa back for him
this... sadly.

of the players/assets we've lost with little/no return in the past few seasons, A.Kost could be the "worst". If/when he gets moved or not re-signed, I think there's a good chance that he, like his brother, immediately stats producing at a much greater clip.

he'll be motivated to prove himself/prove the habs use of him was the problem
odds are he'll go to a team with more freedom for the fwds
odds are whatever team trades for/signs him will use him properly

the yo-yo'ing that Martin subjected to him can be understandable, but not the lack of communication... hopefully the article was mis-leading/mis-interpreted (though some of the quotes are pretty straight fwd), but if not, you have to question how a coach can think that it's a good idea not communicating with younger players, and why management refuses to make it a priority given how many young assets we've squandered due to "attitude" issues, all of which revolve around the same problem (players complaining about their role and the lack of communication about it).

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