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08-11-2011, 11:46 AM
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Let's all go to a game

So I put in a request for group tickets to a game, and we'll find out within the next few days/weeks if we were selected. I put in the request for 26 tickets, and thus far we've got this:

1. Le Tricolore
2. hototogisu
3. giovannicanella
4. CrAzYNiNe
5. ThaDevilGirl
6. Beaker
7. PricePkPatch
8. Ketzlaf
9. Bud2790
10. Stjonnypopo
11. CrimsonSkorpion
12. Serious HABit
13. Jee
14. SpreeEndaz
15. Habs
17. HarryI
18. Coldplay
19. macavoy
20. Turtleneck Plek
21. WTFpineapple
22. Rbk
23. canadiens1992
24. dustyrockon
25. MoMo
26. JGRB

Sorry to those I didn't include. As I said in my post on page 3, if you're too new or hardly ever post... I'd rather not risk it. It's nothing personal but this is originally going to be going on my credit card and then you'll have to pay me back, so I'd rather be safe than sorry. I'm going to go for 26 tickets rather than the 25 I originally posted so we can have it in pairs if we ever need to split things up.

As for payments, I'll be contacting people as soon as we have news, and I'll request to be paid via Paypal or instant cash transfer.

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