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Originally Posted by LadyStanley View Post
OK, just some clarification....

NHL deals: ELS (entry level system) contracts are by definition "two-way" (meaning that the player earns less in AHL/minors than in NHL) AND teams can assign the player to the ECHL. SPC (standard player contracts) post-ELS can be one-way (same salary, regardless of league) or two-way; however, a player cannot be assigned to ECHL without permission/agreement. (Won't get into loans to Europe, but that's similar to ECHL.) AIUI, the $$ hit against ECHL cap is the "max" (which may be under what the player is actually paid, say if they're on a one-way deal).

(And you can add CHL in paragraph above.)
My buddy told me this (who had a EL contract) so correct me if I am wrong:

Also, Entry Level contracts for Canadian Hockey League players stipulate that they cannot be sent to the AHL/ECHL/CHL and can only return to their major junior club if they do not stay on with the NHL club.

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