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Originally Posted by Partisan du CH View Post
That's right, everyone is a racist except from you. And hockey fans are all very dumb people who can't see the difference between a player who gives his 100% every night and every shift, and another one who doesn't care most of the time, NO MATTER what his ethnic background his. It must feel weird being the only intelligent fan in Montreal, isn't it?

Andrei Markov, Alex Kovalev, Saku Koivu, Mats Naslund, etc. These players have been worshipped in Montreal, but hey, we're all a bunch of racists because we think Kostitsyn doesn't give a steady effort.
Yeah man everybody is a racist exept for me

Markov - has taken flack from some
Kovalev - has taken a bunch of flack
Koivu - always produced very well thus negated this criticism
Naslund - you must be joking, same exact thing.

And it boils down to some people hating Russians more-so than Euros in general in some cases.

The reason you think that is because you look at Kostitsyn through bias glasses. I'm not going to sit here and say he gave a consistent effort every single night, believe it or not a lot of players don't. But this year was by far his best year for giving an effort and he still doesn't get one ounce of respect from the haters. (On top of that Penner is just as "lazy" if not more (by everyone's definition) and people wanted to trade Kostitsyn + 1st + Weber for him. So yeah, your excuses don't hold any weight like a feather)

Sorry but when that happens yeah I think it becomes pretty obvious that some people are just bias either against Kostitsyn specifically or in general regarding Russians.

And big surprise, it's the same people that bashed all our other Russian players while fellating Lappy and others. Big shock once again.

Some people either need to just wake up or frankly look in the mirror. Just because some folks are full of BS and can't admit to themselves that they're haters doesn't make it any less true that they are. Plenty of people on here are haters and the only reason it isn't even more obvious is because of the awesome job many of the mods do. I'm guessing you're also one of those people who says the Subban hate isn't about race in the slightest even though other similar D in the NHL who are white get praise and nearly every youtube video on Subban has at some point had several people calling him the N word etc. But yeah I guess racism doesn't exist /rolleyes.

The bubble is back over there go back to it.

Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
AK is a mixed bag, this comment shows me he's not very bright which isn't really a surprise. Looks like he's a goner, too bad, he's a disappointment because he can't live up to his skill set but he's still a useful addition to this team and will be missed.

What I never get is how fans call him "lazy" and "soft", he's a terrible decision maker but he rarely floated last season.
Because "most fans" don't even know the definition of "floater" or "soft" they just hear what their friends and some retards in the media say and regurgitate the same crap meanwhile probably don't even watch the games or when they do are too drunk to even notice how the guy plays. We lose a game, Andrei isn't in the box score and people are already haters, automatically he must be "soft", or "lazy".

For people to call him lazy to me just proves they likely never played a week of an organized sport in their lives. The guy got to the NHL level playing on a teams first line. Believe me he didn't get there by being lazy. Such a dumb statement it's not even funny.

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