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Originally Posted by sinettiseura View Post
I didn't mean that you stated that Barkov's hockey IQ is on same level as Granlund's. Just heard people saying that. But I will get back on this when I have seen Barkov enough to say things about his hockey mind.

Well my prospect knowledge is based on very limited views but I like to think that I understand hockey quite well cause I have played it my whole life. Hmm.. My top 5 for 2013: 1. Sasha Barkov- clearly number one after the games I saw in Ivan Hlinka. Big frame, good wrister, decent skating and great vision. Showed some wow factor also against Slovakia. Something I haven't seem from him before. When watched him play in Ivan Hlinka it looked like he doesen't even have to play with full intensity even though the competition is year older than him. Maybe it is because of the ability to froze the game or its tempo. Calm with the puck and poke checks good with his stick. Has developed imo a lot this offseason. Looking good. 2. Rasmus Ristolainen - Has no significant weaknesses in his game. Good hands, big, quite physical, good vision and skating. Does sometimes little bit hasty or nervous decisions with the puck but generally has good understanding of the game. Skating is pretty good but 2. I must say that he looks bit clumsy specially in turns. Maybe it is his growth because I remember he was smoother when I first saw him play 2009-2010 season. His development has slowed down a bit imo. I was expecting him to be a top 10 or even top 5 contender for this draft in some point. He is still a great prospect and has potential to be top 10 pick in 2013. If I remember right he had somekind of injury last autumn? Maybe that has slowed a bit his development... 3. Juuso Ikonen - Have to say Ikonen because he is imo the most talented finn in this draft class. His skating reminds me a lot of Selänne's skating. Has also good vision and hands. All is there but size and maybe shot. Haven't been manhandled in Ivan Hlinka like Jonathan Tanus so I have still hope that he could become NHLer. He is that good skater. If he doesen't grow no more the chances are very slim but if he ends up something like 5'9-5'10 he could have a chance. If he can handle the bigger opponent now why not later?

Hah, I can't decide who to name for the 4. and 5. because haven't seen them yet this season.. the contenders for those places are imo Ville Husso, Koivistoinen, Lehkonen and maybe Alex Lintuniemi. I mentioned Jimi Kuronen here before but what I saw in Slovakia game wasn't convinced.
1st Bolded part: In the few chances i have had to watch him play, his decision making with the puck in the offensive zone seemed very good. Maybe he tried too hard/fancy passes or shots from bad places, but that was by no means "hasty" or "nervous". I'd say it's more of a maturity thing, like with Vatanen a few years ago.

2nd Bolded part: Hmmm.. Really? IMO his skating was technically very good, and seemed to be very agile guy for his size. Skating technique was smooth i'd say, but he didn't seem to have that immediate burst of acceleration/speed. Nyt tuli kielimuuri väliin, mutta kundilla sotkeutu jalat toisiinsa ja tuntu jotenkin koordinaatio olevan hukassa välillä. The problem was IMO not in the skating technique, but in his physique. (like you kind of said)

Biggest problem is his defensive awareness/positioning. I'm not worried about that, because he seems to have pretty good hockey sense and with tougher opponents he'll learn that eventually.

Just my 2 cents.

Very nice to hear other peoples opinions about these youngsters! Keep 'em coming!

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