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08-11-2011, 12:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Chris Shafer View Post
Akeson has incredible vision. I think you underestimate that.

Pither is an offensive powerhouse that will never reach his potential for quite a number of reasons.

Cousins is not as talented as them. That doesn't mean he won't be the better player in the end, but I'm not sure you understand the definition of potential.

Lehtivuori had an absolutely dominant outing as a professional. I don't think you're aware of just how good he was that season. It's a shame that he seemed to really hate Adirondack, enough to basically forfeit his potential NHL career. Top 4 was not out of the question for him. In fact, Lehtivuori could have become one of those special defensemen who can calm a game down completely. Top 4 also isn't out of the question for Manning, who has a steady, physical two-way game. (of course only in comparison i.e. top 4 defenseman = top 6 forward)

I don't see Cousins with that kind of POTENTIAL.

As I've said before, outside of Schenn and Couturier, the only forwards the Flyers have that could become more than good third liners are Ranford and Akeson just because I'm very positive Pither does not have it in him. Even then, both Ranford and Akeson have flaws that will hold them back.
You're forgetting all 30 teams didn't even deem Akeson worthy of a 7th draft pick. That's not to say it is proof he won't make it, but it should temper expectations of him.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't consider a prospect who has one great offensive season as a 20 year old junior to be an "offensive powerhouse." That aside, if Pither could dominate as a 20 year old in junior, then one would believe Cousins has the potential to do so considering he is a much better prospect than Pither was as a 17 year old. Pither was fairly unimpressive, finishing with 28 points in 52 games (.54 ppg) as a 17 year old. Cousins finished at a point per game, with 68 points in 68 games. There's no reason to believe Cousins won't improve the way Pither did. Cousin's potential and ceiling is much greater than Pither's ever was.

I completely understand the definition of potential, but thanks for your concern.

I understand how good Lehtivuori was during his 19 year old season, but the fact remains he hasn't come close since. His ceiling is much lower than it was when he was 19. It is unlikely he will ever develop into a NHL caliber top 4 defender as his offensive game hasn't developed and he's not good enough defensively.

Cousins certainly does have that kind of potential. He is a much better prospect than any of these players were when they were his age. He is even better than Ranford was as a 17 year old. I gave Ranford the slight edge, but I think Cousins has the chance to be better. I think Cousins is a lot more likely to carve out a regular role in the NHL than Akeson, Pither, and Ranford. I think he has the chance to be a decent second liner or a very good third liner.

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