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08-11-2011, 01:05 PM
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LatexiKledjut;35846007]1st Bolded part: In the few chances i have had to watch him play, his decision making with the puck in the offensive zone seemed very good. Maybe he tried too hard/fancy passes or shots from bad places, but that was by no means "hasty" or "nervous". I'd say it's more of a maturity thing, like with Vatanen a few years ago.
Okay misunderstanding here because I meant to say decision making in defencive zone. Offensive zone he is good when he has time. But defensive zone he has sometimes problems which are related to his maturity and postioning.. maybe "hasty" or nervous aren't the right words for decision he sometimes does in defensive zone but I mean that he does sometimes risky or bit "stupid".. Does too quick decision when he has time and holds the puck when he hasn't the time or so... Normally he has good first pass but sometimes he has these problems.

But those are things that develop when he gets older..

2nd Bolded part: Hmmm.. Really? IMO his skating was technically very good, and seemed to be very agile guy for his size. Skating technique was smooth i'd say, but he didn't seem to have that immediate burst of acceleration/speed. Nyt tuli kielimuuri väliin, mutta kundilla sotkeutu jalat toisiinsa ja tuntu jotenkin koordinaatio olevan hukassa välillä. The problem was IMO not in the skating technique, but in his physique. (like you kind of said)
I think that we have consensus in this thing. What I meant is that his skating is good. Good technique, decent speed and acceleration but he has some clumsiness in his moves when for example turning around for examle in front of the goal. And I also think that they are related to his growth and that he hasn't used to his body etc..

I think that we were talking pretty much about same things but I just wrote my points little unclearly...

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