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Welcome to the vBookie Other Sports Forum


This is a forum dedicated to using your fake vCash to bet on sporting events outside of hockey. This is all for fun, with no real money involved whatsoever. Even when you lose it all, you'll auto-replenish to 50 vCash upon creation of the next event.

Moderators and sponsors are allowed to create sporting event vBookies, using real, reputable odds sites such as DocSports, Pinnacle Sports, and BoDog Sportsbook. All winners are straight-up; point spreads are not used so that everything is kept simple. A random sample of sports bet on in this forum are NFL, CFL, NASCAR, UFC, MLB and horse racing. Entertainment/non-sports vBookies are not allowed, such as WWE and American Idol.

When betting on an event, winners receive all of their original bet, plus a bonus in return. For example, an entry with odds in parenthesis of (1.00) is a double-or-nothing bet. The higher that number in parenthesis is, the more of an underdog that selection is, which also means the more of a bonus you receive if you win. On the flip side, the lower that number is, the more favored that selection is, but also it means a much lesser bonus if you win.

Only short-term events are allowed, as longer-term events (such as a preseason NFL vBookie on who wins the Super Bowl) can bog down the server. In most cases, any events that require over a week's time between creation and resolution require approval.

Also, please keep in mind that all vBookie event creators have real lives away from this forum, and events may not be instantly settled as soon as they go final due to work, sleep, family time, etc. Please allow 24 hours for an event to be settled after its conclusion before contacting the event creator, and/or a forum moderator, and/or a site administrator. Posting in a thread asking to pay up while this 24-hour window is in effect is strongly discouraged.

If you want to request an event, click here and ask away. For any other questions, or to inquire about becoming a sponsor and creating vBookie events, contact a forum moderator or site administrator.

Happy vBetting!

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