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08-11-2011, 01:25 PM
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I like Andrei and I hope that we resign him. This is not a good sign (and I never really like a player whining openly to the media), but at the same time things can change tons over the course of a season. If he clicks with Eller again and goes on a tear for a while, he might be totally fine come next summer.

And hell, even as one of his fans I can recognize that some of the demoting was his own fault and that he lacks consistency at times (I disagree with a lot of the lazy talk though, I don't think that he doesn't work, I think that he's not always working intelligently). AK just seems to react very badly to being moved around. I totally disagreed with Martin throwing him on Gomez's line when he was owning on the first, but I doubt it was meant as a demotion, more as an attempt to make Gomez produce by giving him a different talented player on the wing (while giving Captain Gionta a chance to not have an aweful year). But when it didn't work out, Andrei just kinda phased out and seemed to stop giving his best, which Martin didn't like and then he truly demoted him (which sucks because I believe he would've kept going strong if he just stayed on the first).

Basically, AK seems to have a hard time to adapt and to bounce back against adversity. So if you find something that clicks for him, LEAVE HIM THERE. If you try moving him around to help another player, chances are it won't work and you'll lose AK at the same time, and it will take a while to get him back.

Wasn't it Plekanec saying something along the same line last year? That AK had a hard time not having PK time, and sometimes not much PP, and that he got demoralized about it. That's when he seems to slump. He takes any change that is not a clear upgrade as a negative thing and gets demoralized about it instead of taking it as motivation to play even better.

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