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Originally Posted by Cupmonger View Post
I'm not a fan of JM. I like his system, just not how he manages the players. And what AK says, isn't far off of what I thought JM does. I can respect the fact that the coach absolutely wants his players to play his system and by his way, as long as it makes us win more than we lose. But I can't stand the fact how he treats vets, semi-vets and rookies on totally different levels. I can accept being more patient with vets and more strict with rookies. But you also, imo, have to be able to show some patience in regards to rookies and be more severe towards vets in some occasions, which he hasn't done once since he's been coach. I can see why JM was severe with AK at times. Seeing his stats last season, he's had some nasty droughts. But can those long droughts be caused by putting him on 3rd/4th lines? AK has some scoring edge. We do know that he tends to go on long droughts and then make big comebacks. If the next season, he's continuously put on those lines again, he'll be gone (probably reunited with his brother, seeing how he's playing well for his current team).

Anyways, I don't make this article a huge deal. He states that he wants to make things right with JM in order to help the team. He clearly only has issues with the coach and not the team/organization like his brother had. Going out publicly about his coach not wanting to talk to him, puts JM in the hot seat imo. I'm not a huge an of AK, nor do I dislike him, but i feel he could become more, even if just a little. And seeing him go because of the coach not trying to work things out kind of sucks.
Good comment. How do you think Gauthier handles this one? What is Jacques Martin's reaction reading this today?

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