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08-11-2011, 02:25 PM
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Originally Posted by nyhabsfan View Post
I for one am absolutely THRILLED!!!!

AK was a headcase from the beginning and my thoughts on him are well documented...right Stradale?

Imagine that AK... you got move down from the top 6 because you were inconsistent and now it's the coaches fault?

I was hoping his play would get him a ticket out of town, I didn't realize his mouth would do it first.

So look at the scenerio at training camp.

IF AK doesn't make the top 6 and history says that his own inconsistent play PLUS the acquistion of Cole makes that a distinct possibilty, then AK will sulk and wine (remember head case) about playing on the 3rd line with Eller even though he actually played better with Eller.

So why would PG even allow this to happen, trade him for a 20-25 goal scorer with some grit and be done with it, at this point even a sideways trade would leave the Habs on top! You get rid of a hockey play who has to be told by his agent to play hockey!

Thanks you AK for making my day, I'll be happy to drive you to the airport anytime!
So trade AK for another AK? Seems like a great idea! Just keep AK and be done with it.

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