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The question was asked on the Rangersrush board about the "Amodeo nonsense" and since I was the one who brought it up on this board and was quoted over on that board, I thought I'd give a little summary as to what went down.

Guelph was at Kitchener for their 2nd last game or the regular season. Late in the game, when the game was out of reach, Guelph's Ryan Thompson did what could be compared to as a "Bertuzzi" on Derek Roy (of course without the same results). Bottom line is that Thompson dropped the gloves, chased Roy down, jumped him from behind, and pummelled him for no apparent reason. Thompson later said that Roy accepted a challenge to fight (yeah sure he did buddy. Ranger non-fighting star player vs a 4th line plugger at the end of a nothing game.)

Roy sustained a minor eye injury and missed the last game or two of the regular season. For his trouble, Thompson was suspended 3 games. These days, in Branch's OHL, that suspension would be double digits for sure!!

Fast forward to game three of the 1st round matchup between Kit/Gue. After Kitchener pretty much owned the Storm down the stretch in the regular season, many in Rangerland, and likely the team as well, were talking upset of the Memorial Cup hosts. However, the Storm had other plans.

Game three was Ryan Thompson's 1st game back after suspension. All was quiet during the 1st half of the game. But, Guelph was starting to blow out the rangers and by the middle of the 2nd period or so, the game was pretty much over. It was all Guelph Storm.

Once the game was out of hand, and the series now with the Rangers about to go down 3-0 in games, the Rangers directed their attention to getting revenge on Thompson for the Roy incident - and any other Guelph storm player that got in the way as well. I can't remember how many times Thompson had to drop the gloves but I do know that TJ Eason pummelled him. Later, on Thompson's 1st shift out of the box for the Eason fight, Adam Keefe jumped him and pummelled him all the way to the Guelph bench where Keefe found himself on the Storm bench. Nick Policelli may have even took a round out of him too. I can't remember but I thought Thompson fought 3 times.

Everytime Thompson served a penalty, coach Jackson kept sending him out on the ice and like a red sheet in front of a Bull, the Rangers reacted. Thompson wasn't the only victim. Just about every shift Amodeo took in the 2nd half of the game, he was intent on drilling Guelph players with the hardest hits he could (yes, the kind of which has one thinking of Liambas on Fanelli). On of these hits left a big Guelph d-man visibly dazed and I can't say if he returned to the game or not. Amodeo was not penalized on the play. I'm pretty sure the ref was right there.

Late in the game, with the Ranger penalty box full and the Rangers down two men for the rest of the game, DeBoer put Amodeo out to be the only forward to kill the 5 on 3. You had to know something was going to happen. The puck was shot into the corner in the Guelph zone. The Guelph d-man turned to go get it and, as was legal in those days, another Guelph player held-up Amodeo to slow him down and effectively veered Amodeo away from the d-man. But, in veering him away from the d-man, he sent him towards the net. Amodeo, with lots of time to change his mind, mind you, obviously decided, "OK, I'll hit the goalie then", and barrelled full speed into Andrew Penner slamming him and the net into the backboards. Penner wasn't injured on the play.

During this game, many of the Guelph players were exacting their own amount of dirt as well with the most major incident being a Kevin Dallman spear into the gut of Derek Roy. Can't remember if he was penalized or not.

The outcome of this game was 15 games for Adam Keefe for going after Thompson into the Storm bench. Amodeo got 20 games for running Penner. He got an additional 5 games for knocking the Guelph d-man silly earlier in the game on what was deemed a clean hit mentioned above by the ref at the time.

Dallman receved nothing for the spear.

Don't try and find any video of this anywhere cause earlier that day, with the building not close to a sellout, the Storm management decided not to televise the game in an effort to get more Ranger fans to come to the game.

I used to have the game summary printed off but lord knows where that is now. You wouldn't believe how long it was. I wonder, is there a way to dig that up out of the archives?

Hicks lambasted the Ranger players and coaching staff for what happened in the game while refusing to acknowledge the fact that the Guelph players were very dirty as well. This article enraged many Ranger fans - especially the ones who were at the game and saw how it all really went down.

I believe this may have been the first rumblings from the anti-Hicks faction as to him being a Guelph fan covering the Rangers.

DeBoer / Spott has had no use for Hicks ever since.

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