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10-22-2003, 08:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Miller259
....give the guy a break.

He has to:
-manage the top two lines
-CREATE another 3rd and 4th line.
-Change the defense pairings
-Change the PP one the fly all the time
-Constantly rotate forwards on the PK

All at the same time while trying to tutor almost 2 rookie goaltenders. I think it's too soon to start critisizing his style.
Sure it's a tough job, but that's why you need somebody who's qualified to do it. Granato may prove to be a good coach one day, he sure has all the qualities of one, but he needed to learn the ropes in the minors first to be one IMO. All those reasons you mentioned are why it is so tough to just jump into a head coaching job after only a few months of assistant coaching experience. Granato is still getting burned on changes, and is still slow at putting people out there during stopages in play.

I don't think Granato should be let go anytime soon, but if the team is still struggling around new year, I think a guy that might be available is Brian Sutter. Suposedly he and, GM Mike Smith are at odds, and either guy could go at this point. But the GM gets to decide if the coach goes usually, and with Daze and Zhamnov out, Sutter could become the scapegoat to save Smith's own ass. I think Brian Sutter would be just what the Avs need behind the bench, but I still think Ganato can learn fast and get the job done at this point. It would be interesting to see what happens with Granato if he does get dimissed though. Would he be asked to leave the team, or maybe Peirre would pull a NJ and ask him to stick around as an assitant coach, which I always felt would be extremely uncomfortable for both guys. How can the new head coach, coach the team as his own, with the old guy at his side, and how can the old guy feel comfortable serving under the guy that took his job?

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