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Originally Posted by McNasty View Post
Could you not make the same argument that a team full of guys hitting .311 with RISP would score many more runs than hitting .274 w/ RISP?
No, because the hypothetical team full of Ryan Howards would have fewer opportunities to drive in runs because he reaches base far less often than Victorino. Victorino's OBP is 50 points higher. That's huge.

Obviously Howard gets more chances to drive in runs because of his position in the order, but he bats 4th because of how good he is at driving in runs.
Not necessarily. Howard bats cleanup because it best suits his skill set. That doesn't mean that there aren't other players who could do the same job he's doing.

Like I said RBI's aren't a very good stat for measuring efficiency, but you can't deny that Howard is one of the best in the game at driving in runs.
Ryan Howard is a good run producer because he's a good hitter. There's no denying that. However, Shane Victorino is a better hitter, and everything being equal, would produce more runs than Ryan Howard. Despite what some people in this thread would have you believe, the numbers don't lie.

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