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Originally Posted by Sawdalite View Post
I'm saying that your theory shows that a better batting average would produce more RBIs in similar circumstances... and that is not often the case. There are players who produce RBIs more often than others, even when they have lower batting averages.
Players like Howard, who consistently hit better with RISP, are very, very rare. He's an exception, actually.

The only ways players can get on and knock themselves in is through home runs and hits combined with steals... or forcing errors. All other times players can just get on base and put themselves in the best position to score through being hit in or sacrificed... With that Shane can only do so much and requires help to score. At best you may say that they are equal -- the able setter and RBI man -- but to say Shane is worth more is to me false... without players like Howard hitting him in he will be stranded on base.
I'm sorry, but this really isn't arguable.


Victorino: .312
Howard: .252


Victorino: .391
Howard: .341


Victorino: .542
Howard: .489


Victorino: 152
Howard: 124

Literally the only thing that Howard does better is hit home runs. Victorino is quite a bit ahead in every other category, and that is without citing any sabremetric stats, which paint an even larger divide between the two players.

Howard can better hit homers thus scoring himself... and he can get on base with a hit or walk or intentional walk, and be hit in. Ryan with the better chance of hitting one out, as well as getting knocked in, can be looked at as being more valuable... And he is often high in the MPV voting which Victorino isn't.
Look at the stats above. Victorino has been a vastly superior hitter this season. Howard might do a better job at the specific task of driving in runs, but Victorino is much better at getting on base, which is just as important in run creation.

Citing MVP voting is meaningless because the baseball writers association is full of idiots. With that being said, Victorino will, at the very least, finish top 10 in MVP voting this season.

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