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10-22-2003, 08:16 PM
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[QUOTE=habitants9_4]Our team in 3-4 years. (I know there will be a lot of trades, busts and picks, but please state who you think the player will be similar to! And the lines.

-Theodore-- Brodeur (fast, reliable, super star)

-Garon-- Dunham (Uses size well, reliable backup goalie, good when needed to be, potential challenger for Theodore)

-Markov-- Zubov (Really good 1.5 type guy, good on PP, good defensively, great puck carrier)

-Komisarek--Stevens (#1 guy, leader, hits like crazy, dominant defensive and PK force)

-Hainsey-- Niedermeyer (Good skater, with very good lateral movement, plays a two-way style #3 guy on both PP and PK)

-Souray-- Ohlund (Good wrist shot, defensively sound, only dif is that Souray will be a leader, and get more PIM's, and Ohlund is obviously a bit better at this stage)

-Archer-- Colin White (Stay-at-home type guy, who plays on the PK unit #1, uses size well)

-Rivet-- Lyle Odeline at 30 (Someone reliabletwo ways, plays well all round, and could step it up in playoff situations)

-Kastytsin-- Guerin (Powerful and dominant force on the ice, bona fide scorer)

-Higgins-- Allison (Exellent speed, a solid two-way game, quick shot, with good puck handling skills)

-Perezhogin-- Kovalev (A goal scorer, high point getter)

-Hossa-- ??????

-Ribeiro-- Briere (A good playmaker, questionable skating, but gets his players the puck)

-Zednik-- HIMSELF (He is good now)

-Plekanec-- Sullivan

-Balej-- Bondra

-Koivu-- Captain/Leader moved to wing, because he's slowing down in production, the wing brought him back to a 60 point guy 20-goals and 40 assists

-Ryder-- Knuble

-Ward-- Scott Thorton

-Bulis-- Lethinen


Or how about this?

Theodore - Hextall

Garon - Hirsch

Markov - Malakhov

Komisarek - Luke Richardson

Archer - Jeff Ware

Katsitsyn - Krivokrasov

Higgins - Niedermayer (Rob)

Pereghozin - Berezin

Balej - Christian Dube

Comparing prospects to Hall of Famers and all-stars is crazy, especially when they're mostly in the AHL, juniors or just breaking in as NHL regulars.

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