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Originally Posted by Tormentor View Post
You can change the order of the 2nd and the 3rd line on my suggestion. My idea was that similarly to the last WJC’s the ice time of the top-3 lines would be fairly equal on even strength. I have a hard time seeing Partanen having a breakout year offensively, he didn’t get much of anything going offensively. His role in his club team might be bigger than last year, so he might produce more, but that doesn't mean that he'll be a difference maker at the WJC's. It seemed that Helminen used the Halinen-Suoranta pair on the penalty kill and I think that they did a fairly decent job. Helminen will probably try to train them to be good 4th liners on the Mestis tour. Partanen’s physical presence was probably the weakest of the three and he might be easily replaced on that line, so I’m not 100% sure if Partanen even makes the team.

Pulkkinen and Donskoi seemed like the same players as last season, but the 93’s have developed since the WU18C’s for example. Ma.Granlund, Salomäki and Armia are better players than last year. On even strength Armia was defensively more reliable than Pulkkinen for example who caused several turnovers by either just freezing with the puck or trying a fancy pass/move instead of just dumping the puck in and the opponent also scored against him several times. Can’t see Salomäki being a 4th liner, he has been Team Finland’s top player on even strength if you exclude a few somewhat unnecessary/stupid penalties.

My idea to have Barkov play with Salomäki and Donskoi was to surround him with experienced players with an active two-way game in order to ease his work load a bit. In addition Barkov could be moved to wing by having Salomäki take defensive zone face-offs and so on. I agree that the 3rd line seems a bit problematic, especially if Ruuttu doesn’t manage to improve his game during the season.

Another proposal;
Line 2A = Ma. Granlund – Mi. Granlund – Mr.Someone
Line 2B = Donskoi – Barkov - Armia
Line 2C = Salomäki – Ruuttu - Pulkkinen

Put Granlunds together to get the best out of Markus and insert a workhorse to the other wing. Pulkkinen has been really dangerous on the power play while playing the point, so merge Granlunds with him to form the 1st power play unit and the Line 2B could be the 2nd power play unit as a whole. Donskoi and Salomäki could easily change places if need to. Of course this is just fantasy if Barkov isn’t ready yet and/or one of the top guys gets injured.
Who scores goals in 1st line.

This could work either. Teräväinen has impressed me with his vision so i would have him with these performance if someone at u-20 doesen't play better.

1. Donskoi-Mi. Granlund-Pulkkinen
2A. Salomäki-Barkov-Teräväinen
2B. Ma. Granlund-Ruuttu-Armia

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