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08-12-2011, 10:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Coldplay View Post
lol, I did this yesterday to buy some new goalie equipment. Could've just done it over the phone, no?
I called in yesterday. I was told to go to the bank so they could remove an alert on my account (about my card being cloned 2 years ago...). This is what happened.

This is what I told my friend on MSN...

Mike . says
woman: no not approved
me: well, could you find out why? I always pay my credit card on time, I have no bad credit anywhere else, i've had a full time job for years... i mean, i know some people who never had a full time job that have a $4000 limit
her: ok, i'll call visa (...) visa says i need to remove the alert on your account, one sec
me: yeah, I said that before..
her: oh, i don't know how. one sec! (goes to see someone, person says only visa can remove it), (calls visa again) oh, it's because your SIN isn't in the account (I give her my SIN) hmm, still not working, one second (goes to get someone from an office, i follow her into the office)
second woman: just need to confirm all your information in the account, ok... now we'll need your signature here to confirm you'll allow the credit check. (....) and perfect, you're approved it'll take about 24 hours to show up on your account

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