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Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
No, it's not the only risk. But it is true that plane travel is the safest transport available.

After 9/11, a lot of people started taking their cars for trips they use to do in a plane, for fear of terrorist attacks (lol). Someone actually calculated the expected rise in mortality (from car accidents) due to this change of behavior (unfortunately I can't find the link).

Humans are notoriously very bad at evaluating risks.
If we were to evaluate terrorism as a flight risk a lot of people I think would be shocked to realize (the dumb ones who drive now) that it's a borderline non-factor. One flight out of millions upon millions does not equate to millions of accidents a day out of billions of drivers.

Obviously these numbers are just an example but the risk factor driving is far worse. Not saying a terrorist attack won't happen again I'm just pretty well ready to assume it won't be another plane attack and if it is it will be enough years in between that it'll likely be 2 attacks out of millions of flights over the course of two decades plus.

I really don't get how people are afraid to fly due to terrorism. My cousin was the same way until I drilled it into his head that he has nothing to worry about. I understand that it's because he happened to be going to NYC frequently between 2001-2011 but come on.

Also now a days if a hijacking happened people would die but they would overtake the plane and even possibly be walked through landing it. Easier said than done but they could easily overtake a couple terrorists. Reason people didn't is they thought it was a robbery of some kind.

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