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Originally Posted by Spongolium View Post
Look i just picked those out as random things .

I thought the bonus cushion was in place for this exact reason.

Schenn's salary at the moment is 3.5. I'm not sure how many bonus's are on it and dont have time to look, but lets say its 2.5 million.

The bonus cushion allows you to defer that 2.5 untill next year. If the player does not reach the bonus targets, then nothing is taken on next year. So the salary cap hit for the first season is 1.5?

Isn't that how it works.
In the end yes, but again, a team only gains the Cap space for bonuses not met by a player when it is determined that it is unlikely that the player will meet those bonuses later in the Season. In a Season where the bonus cushion is available, a team may use that to gain cap space and remain cap compliant. Remember, being at or below the Upper Limit, and being Cap compliant, isn't always the same thing.

Originally Posted by o Hamhuis 2 x View Post
Oh. Well that's stupid. Why make it count towards the team's salary if they didn't even earn it yet?

It's stupid huh? Not if you understand how the Cap works and think about it. Here's a hypothetical. Let's say it's set up like you said, and it doesn';t count until it's earned. Team A has a player with a base salary of 1M and bonuses worth 1M. They only have to account for his base salary, and they sign players and are 500K under the Cap when the Season ends. Well that player ends up earning those bonuses in the final week of the Season. How does the team stay under the Cap and fit in the other 500K? With no bonus cushion available?

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