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January 2006


Maxwell Edison (now Frightened Inmate #2)
Leaf Lander


none. this was not a competitive draft.

Following how many picks:

385 picks were made in ATD4.

"oops" picks:

1. Hedberg - Marek Svatos (517th)
2. Leaf Lander - Donald Brashear (522nd)
3. kruezer - Marc Bergevin (518th)
4. Hedberg - Gary "Suitcase" Smith (421st)
5. Spitfire11 - Joni Pitkanen (484th)

Who did they miss?

1. Moose Johnson, D
2. Georges Boucher, D/F
3. Eddie Gerard, D/LW
4. Mickey MacKay, F
5. Didier Pitre, RW
6. Tommy Phillips, W
7. Frank Foyston, C
8. Art Ross, D
9. Neil Colville, C/D
10. Harvey Pulford, D


Top scorer: Leaf Lander - Roy Conacher (390th)
HM: BM67 - Hooley Smith (399th), Leaf Lander - Marty Barry (486th)

MVP: BM67 - Hooley Smith (399th)
HM: Spitfire - Pat Stapleton (453rd), Leaf Lander - Roy Conacher (390th)

Top defenseman: Spitfire - Pat Stapleton (453rd)
HM: kruezer - Herb Gardiner (395th), Leaf Lander - Jim Thomson (403rd)

Top Goalie: This was an extremely poor class of MLD goalies compared to the forwards and defensemen getting selected. In today's terms, Luongo's stock would be the highest. Circa 2006, the honour has to go to:

BM67 - Dave Kerr (394th)
HM: kruezer - Percy Lesueur (387th), Spitfire11 - Roberto Luongo (465th)

Top defensive forward: BM67 - Ed Westfall (454th)
HM: Spitfire11 - Don Marshall (489th), Hedberg - Dave Poulin (420th)

Great Discoveries:

(some of these guys were taken before this, in ATDs 1-3, but credit is still due to the GMs who finally picked them up in MLD4)

1. BM67 - Hooley Smith (399th)
2. Spitfire11 - Pat Stapleton (453rd)
3. Leaf Lander - Roy Conacher (390th)
4. Leaf Lander - Marty Barry (486th)
5. Leaf Lander - Reg Noble (462nd)
6. kruezer - Herb Gardiner (395th)
7. Leaf Lander - Jim Thomson (403rd)
8. Spitfire11 - Moose Vasko (448th)
9. BM67 - Ed Westfall (454th)
10. Leaf Lander - Sid Smith (533rd)


- A remarkably strong showing by Leaf Lander, who made, in my estimation, five of the draft's ten best picks.

- seven players who now go in the top-200 regularly were selected.

- Maxwell Edison did not make a top-10 pick, but he didn't make an "oops" pick, either.

- Hedberg still refers to his Svatos pick as a massive MLD gaffe

- it's difficult to see this draft playing out competitively and Leaf Lander not winning.

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