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10-22-2003, 08:57 PM
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Originally Posted by KL
"This deal had zero to do with taking a run at the Cup and it's why you see it in October, not February or March. The Avs don't have a shortage of capable of checking line players and Konowalchuk just adds another name to the logjam at the bottom of the lines. Konowalchuk is not going to push the Avs over the top in all likelihood and he's not an impact player."


Yes it is because I said that Konowalchuk wasn't an impact player and that he essentially doesn't fill a big need. I never said that marquee players are the only players that can make an impact as the edited quote you used suggested. In fact, I even mentioned the Kasparaitis deal and he certainly isn't what I would term a marquee player. I was being case specific about Konowalchuk and not about all trades in general. Maybe I wasn't clear enough originally, but I'm talking about Konowalchuk's importance and I personally don't see him adding much to the team.

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