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Originally Posted by might2mash View Post
Whoa, let's not get carried away here. The season is but 90 games old and I'm very glad to see Shane's numbers where they are, but his previous career-high for a full season OPS was .803. I'll be ecstatic if he can keep this up to any extent, but realistically I think his OBP (at .391) is not sustainable.
I'm willing to bet that Victorino continues to outperform Howard moving forward.

For one thing, Howard is in the middle of a steady, precipitous decline. Take a look at his batting average, on base percentage, and slugging percentage over the last three seasons. Each of them has declined, and by no small margin.

The Howard of 2009 was a completely different player than the Howard we have now. It's not impossible for Howard to rebound, but he'll be 32 to start next season, and he isn't playing for a contract. If Howard's OPS dips under .800, we're looking at, literally, a completely average, middle of the road first baseman who is making $25 million dollars.

The entire situation is looking bleak.

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