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08-12-2011, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by HabsUnited View Post
Again? It seems that every year our best case scenario is 8th, so this would be it. Now cue the 10 other magazines who rate us out of the playoffs. Screw 'em all, I say we beat 8th.
Every year we finish 7th or 8th... Can't blame them if that's where they've put us.
Originally Posted by Habs23 View Post
LOL you guys crack me up! One publication keeps putting us 8th & you guys think it's written in stone. Where else do you think we belong 2nd? Toronto keeps getting placed 10th, ask them what they think.

Anyway somethings gotta give, because I seriously doubt Jersey has another bad year, they are way to good.
NJ could come roaring back and knock somebody else out. Carolina always seems to be there at the end too. I actually think NJ will make it and Buffalo won't.

This season though, I think we're actually underrated and I have us in 5th.

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