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Originally Posted by Kishire View Post
How is the rest of the NYR squad ****? Gaborik isn't playing with a scrub anymore, and they had a better offense than Montreal last year without Richards and a ****** Gaborik. They are certainly better if anything.
Never said they weren't better with Richards, I just see their D as garbage personally and don't think they'll go really far. Yeah they're better but Gaborik is Gaborik and Richards didn't exactly get Dallas into the post, he isn't going to carry that team entirely like people think. Anyways it's an opinion anyways, we'll wait and see. I don't feel adding Brad Richards alone makes them that much better a team. In my eyes their team already needed quite the face lift.

Aside from the 1st line Marc Staal and Lundqvist they don't impress me in the slightest and Marc Staal is extremely overrated as well.

Originally Posted by Anisimov42 View Post
I'm sorry to interrupt, but do you watch any games besides MTL games?

Gaborik (all star) , Staal (all star), Dubinsky (would have been second on your team in scoring), Callahan (same), Lundqvist (all star, gold medal winner)??!?!!?

I believe both teams are about equal, but to be mad because one is ranked above the other is a complete joke!!
Gaborik - injury prone player who hasn't clicked in NYR
Staal - overrated more by the NYR fanbase than Gorges is by ours.
Dubinsky - good but overrated
Callahan - good but the most overrated player other than Staal in NYR
Lundqvist - awesome

You're the same ****** team you were last year except you've added Richards while everyone else got a lot better and were a flaky team to begin with. Easily could have seen rags not making it last year. Just because you added Richards is no guaranteed thing. Anyways wait for the season to start before disecting posts in threads on another teams fan forum. Frankly the Rags are garbage and I stand by that statement because I know they will be this year too. If it were the main forums I'd understand but why is it anytime a poster in this section posts stuff about an opposing team their little white knighter QQers have to come in and bash the opinion or defend it. I see them being the 8th place team and that's at best. Adding Richards a good player doesn't automatically make a bad team good. It isn't like you're going to change my opinion and just for the fact that you did that if NYR does suck I will rub it in using your post just because you felt the need to white knight in the habs section.

Lundqvist has been carrying that team for years now. How long can he do it for? Gaborik is an injury prone shadow of his former self who sucked for NYR. He used to produce at PPG pace in Minnesota. What part about him no longer doing that and looking like absolute **** on the ice is so hard for people to see?

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