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08-12-2011, 04:07 PM
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Originally Posted by neyder View Post
about 159 to 200$ per player depending on how many players we are and also you can make easy payments so don't worry about paying it all at one shoot
Kk does that include a jersey or is that separate cause I know that the MBHL is strict on that, I can't make it to Jarry park today or tmr
as I'm out of town, but Sunday perhaps.

I haven't spoken to anyone yet but I'll hit up 1 or 2 guys who might
play. I'll be back in town on
Sunday so that's the earlist i can talk to them.

**** I just realized that Jarry Park is
on the south shore, I live on the west island i cant get there, Is there any rinks in MTL that you guys play at by chance ?

Edit NVM I google maps the wrong location, LMAO kk I can take the metro there.

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