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Originally Posted by HagelinForPresident View Post
My name? LOL cuz I was a fan of his when he was at Michigan and I like him. My name implies he is a future star?... And when it comes to Clark and Gorton's resumes, I'll take theirs over Pronman's anyday. Not that your analysis is wrong, but it isn't a little suspicious when this is the only guy who thinks Kreider has bad hockey sense, and he ranks Thomas as our 7th best, when the whole world knows he is #3

Also, the Red Wings are #1? Lmfao, they've been drafting outside the top 20 for the last decade and are easily the oldest team in Hockey.
How the Oilers aren't #1 or at least top 5 is frightening. He has them where? Outside the top 15? Jesus.

Like I said, Isles at #2 and us at #20 makes absolutely NO sense. If they are 2, we are 5. If we are 20, they are 17. I'm not just complaining about our ranking. His whole compilation is ******** as can be.
Well, I personally have no idea if the Hockey Prospectus guy is a genius or an idiot, or somewhere in between...or if all the people who are criticizing him are geniuses or idiots themselves.

But I do know your comment above about the Red Wings is a serious blow to YOUR credibility. The Red Wings can't have good prospects because they've been drafting outside the top 20? Tell me you did not just say that.

You badly need a history lesson about resumes. That's probably the most ridiculous comment in this entire thread, and makes it impossible to take anything else you say seriously.

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