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Originally Posted by THamps View Post
I've always liked the idea of 3 points total always being awarded per game:

Win in regulation: 3pts
Loss in regulation: 0pts
Win after regulation: 2pts
Loss after regulation: 1pt

I haven't formed an opinion on how I think a winner should be decided after regulation... I don't like ties though.
I'd rather have overtime wins count as regulation wins and shootout wins/losses the only situation that results in a split of points, but to the other point, I totally agree. I will vehemently dislike any system where different amounts of total points are given out per game.

I don't dislike ties, though. I wouldn't mind going back to the old 2-1-0 system.

The icing rule was instituted in the NCAA last year (used to be automatic icing there) and I really don't like it. It made for some very difficult calls as players are bearing down on the puck on different angles and I just don't think the risks involved with "touch-icing" are that significant that the NHL has to do away with it.

To the no icing while shorthanded rule. No. **** no. Special teams is already a significant portion of the game, with good power plays well over 20%. We don't need to give them that big of an advantage (especially when combined with the no change after an icing rule).

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