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Originally Posted by Ozymandias View Post
That's exactly what you don't get. I'm not trying to create anything. If you remove yourself from the equation, remove your ego, you will find that they're can be two sides to this, effectively making any conclusion completely based upon your bias.

I don't use bias, I don't even conclude anything on this, I see known facts and ideologies and know that concluding over this would just be use of bias.

The true irony is the actual argument you gave, that it has happened before. It's ironic, because, yes, it has happened many many times before where Russian sports media write their articles with the KHL angle in mind.

The proof is in the pudding, as you regard this as 'making something up", whereas the actual thing I'm doing is an appeal to some restraint in people's conclusions, as Russian media have conclusively shown negative bias towards the NHL and positive bias towards the KHL.

Instead of understanding this, taking it in and acknowledging it for what it is, you again try to paint it as something else, just like I predicted you would.

You know nothing about being objective, nothing about how to remove yourself from the equation for a true analysis. That much has always been clear.

The other telling sign that you won't remove your own bias, making your conclusion highly subjective in nature, is that you disregard ALL the other people who've said exactly the same thing as I did, to take this with a grain of salt, and that's my own 'restrained' conclusion, the only one I make. Yet you disregard it, and everyone of them, because having a little bit of restraint in your conclusion in this matter doesn't fit your bias, so you rather avoid the arguments, paint it for something it is not, and keep on basing a whole reality on something that can very well be false.

You don't want to recognize that the journalist might have a bias, because it would then eliminate your own conclusions based on your own bias.

So far, all you've done is act childishly. The way you try to paint what I say as something it is not.
You're so way off base that you're not in the same ballpark. Is it possible that the reporter reported what Kostitsyn said, without bias?

The Kovalev stories proved, over time, to be true even if he denied them back in 2007. Yet, not having learned anything from it, he came back and went after Clouston and the Ottawa media. That's quite the agenda they have out there, isn't it? Did the reporters do that to get Kovy in the KHL? He was already signed there! But Kovy is innocent, just like AK. Bad, bad russian media!

As for the bias, I don't know how many times I have to repeat it for you to understand: I'm not taking sides as I dislike Martin more than Kostitsyn!

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