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Originally Posted by MTLjunior View Post
Kk does that include a jersey or is that separate cause I know that the MBHL is strict on that, I can't make it to Jarry park today or tmr
as I'm out of town, but Sunday perhaps.

I haven't spoken to anyone yet but I'll hit up 1 or 2 guys who might
play. I'll be back in town on
Sunday so that's the earlist i can talk to them.

**** I just realized that Jarry Park is
on the south shore, I live on the west island i cant get there, Is there any rinks in MTL that you guys play at by chance ?

Edit NVM I google maps the wrong location, LMAO kk I can take the metro there.
for the jersey we're still browsing on the color. the league tells us that we need minimum a jerzey of the same color as your team and a number, the rest is optional
also will be playing at the west island rink so that good for you, and in some games will be playing on decarie. you can come when you can and you will pay only the games you play in and of cousre a number on your jerzey

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