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Originally Posted by Vito Andolini View Post

Prospect ranking from September 2006.

Ryan Callahan appears in slot 18, while Nigel Dawes appears in slot 4. If you could have chosen one of them back then, who would you have chosen? How about now?
Dawes was coming off a fantastic rookie season in a professional league, while Callahan, at the exact same stage of development, wasn't even offered a contract by the organization. Dawes was a flat out better player then Callahan at that point in time, as Thomas is to St. Croix currently. The Rangers clearly saw it that way as well, as they didn't want to sign him. That ranking is very reasonable, given the credentials of those players at the time.

Unless the guy can see into the future it's absurd to rank St. Croix ahead of Thomas. In 5 years you can bump this thread and give him all the credit he wants, but he's incorrect right now. By your logic ranking Randy McNaught ahead of Thomas makes sense also.

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