Thread: Tidbits: Analyzing 2012 and Beyond
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08-12-2011, 07:56 PM
Dr Jan Itor
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Selfishly, I want to see this team make the playoffs this year. I don't want them to sacrifice young players to do it (i.e. trading Zucker for rental at the TD). I know that if this team is looking 2-3 years down the road (which I think they are), then it is in their best interest to get a top 10 pick. I get that. But if you give me the option of getting the 10th pick and missing the playoffs, and getting the 20th pick and making the playoffs, I'm hoping for the latter. Especially with this regimes (apparent) acumen on draft day.

I'm going to ignore the remote possibility of getting Parise or Suter or both in the offseason for now. I think if Lats gets 20+ goals next year, you have to look at re-signing him; 3-4 years at $3-$4 million would be about right. I believe I'm on the record of saying that I want Brodziak extended. I'm not sure how that plays out with Cullen, but I hope they can make it work.

Center depth:
2012 - Koivu - Granlund - Cullen - Brodziak
Thereafter - Koivu - Granlund - Coyle - Brodziak

Not bad, IMO.

Staubitz can be re-signed, or not. Doesn't make much of a difference to me if it's him or Kassian in that role. Zanon, gone. Harding, probably gone on his own accord. Lundin? I said earlier I was interested in seeing him this year to see if he has a future with us. Stoner as well. I think he could be a fixture as our #6 guy, provide toughness and be a good PKer.

What if Cuma plays really well in Houston this year? Plays #1 minutes, runs the PP, etc... That would throw a (great) wrench in our future on D.

I think it would be kind of fun to see a 2012 Houston Aeros team like this:

Larsson - Granlund - Wellman
Zucker - Coyle - Fontaine
Palmer - Phillips - Bulmer

Brodin - Cuma
Falk - Prosser


Anyways, these are just a couple thoughts that have now taken the place of what I was supposed to be thinking about (contracts, the UCC and secured transactions).

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