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10-22-2003, 09:43 PM
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The Avs have plenty of scoring firepower. Sakic, Kariya, Selanne, Forsberg, Hejduk, Tanguay, Blake, Morris. They do however need solid two way players for their third and fourth lines who can shut down opposing team's top lines and kill penalties. A fairly big body who can skate and plays with a lot of desire and detrmination every night.

Battaglia was a grinder in the offensive corners and in front of the opponent's net but he had a lot of defensive zone problems, his penalty killing was very suspect, and he was fairly slow on his skates. Not an ideal defensive specialist or penalty killer to say the least. He had flashes of playing hard but then he would hide for long stretches also. Battaglia was in no way a defensive specialist who could shut down the opposition's top lines and do a bang up job killing penalties. He just didn't have it.

Konowolchuk on the other hand plays with a lot of heart and desire every night. He's very solid defensively and does a good job killing penalties. Konowolchuk is definitely a big upgrade over Battaglia defensively and on the PK. Offensively, Konowolchuk will likely provide as much, or possibly more, points than Battaglia would have so I don't see any loss of offense from the 3rd and 4th lines with this deal.

Losing Johansson may hurt the Avs long term. But then again, maybe it won't. Nobody knows one way or the other how Johansson will progress and won't know for a couple years. I see this as Lacroix making a deal to strengthen his team this year while giving up some future potential. Getting the 3rd rounder softens the future potential blow somewhat however.

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