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08-12-2011, 11:02 PM
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Originally Posted by ColonialsHockey10 View Post
Dawes was coming off a fantastic rookie season in a professional league, while Callahan, at the exact same stage of development, wasn't even offered a contract by the organization. Dawes was a flat out better player then Callahan at that point in time, as Thomas is to St. Croix currently.
If Dawes was so flat out better than Callahan, then why did Callahan outscore him in less games in Hartford that very season?

Could it be that Dawes wasn't actually a better prospect at all, but simply had achieved more in the past than Callahan had? If all your doing with your Top Prospect list is ranking players based on their past achievements, then I see very little value in these lists. The word prospect itself is a future looking view of things. If the purpose of the list is not to project future values, then what's the point?

While it's certainly very true that the consensus by hfboards & most likely the NY Rangers was that Dawes was a better prospect at that time than Callahan, it's been proven with time to be false. Callahan was an excellent prospect...only the consensus did not know it yet.

I'll bet there were people out there who did think Callahan was going to be a great player in the NHL though. Maybe it wasn't you or Leslie, but I'm sure there were people. According to some posters here, those people would be idiots for having their opinion. Let me say it again....OPINION!

Originally Posted by ColonialsHockey10 View Post
Unless the guy can see into the future it's absurd to rank St. Croix ahead of Thomas.
Says you.

Originally Posted by ColonialsHockey10 View Post
In 5 years you can bump this thread and give him all the credit he wants, but he's incorrect right now.
No. Unless you can see 5 years into the future, calling him incorrect is wrong. You can disagree with him all you want though.

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