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Originally Posted by macavoy View Post
Let me start by saying awesome idea, nice logo. The first thing that stood out to me was the layout / design, it was really appealing and astheticly pleasing. It wasn't like most blogs, cluttered with ads, text and poor layout.

But I have repeatedly learnt that it's easier to bake with sugar than with salt. Apron Basu has quickly become my favourite Habs writer. Why, because he reports the news / tackles hard issues but finds a way to make something positive in his article.

Your first "too controversial" article was rag tabloid material at it's worst, sensationalist RDS and biased Russian journalism are of better quality.

Claiming a player with a 0.57 PG ratio is a 3rd liner at best is more along the lines of HF rant posters. If you want people to repeatedly come to you site, you'll build articles that intrigue people and get them to think instead of trying to appeal to the bash band wagon.

Seriously, I would sit down with your contributors and decide if you want to have standards or if you want to give freedom to your writers to act like bully's with low self esteem.

I think you guys have a great idea that could rival HIO for Habs fan to get perspective but the only way you'l gain credibility is by acting like journalists, you don't see Dave Stubbs taking pot shots at Habs players.
I know what you are looking for and you will love the next article that has already been written.

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