Thread: Injury Report: Henrik Sedin hurts hip again?
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08-13-2011, 01:39 AM
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Originally Posted by Hi-wayman View Post
If, & I stress if, Raymond, Kesler and Henrik are out to start the season on LTIR, I think a lot of us are underestimating our other centres and wingers that make up the rest of the team. For example, Lapierre showed he was quite competant to handle the 3rd line. Why should he not be able to handle a top 6 role for a couple of months?

Sedin - Lapierre -Samuelsson
Sturm - Hodgson - Burrows
Hansen - Malhotra - Nolan
Higgins - Duco - Oreskovich

Because Malhotra is more of a defensive centre, I'd rather he stay on the third line, let Lapierre handle the pressure on the top line and let Hodgson mature on the 2nd line. Duco in my opinion is better suited to handle 4th line centre than Ebbett. I can't see Schoeder being NHL ready at all for the start of the season.
Just because a player has shown competence as a 3rd line player doesn't mean they are suited for, or can handle, top minutes and produce offensively. I'd put Sturm or Higgins at center in the top 6 before I ever considered Lapierre.

Personally, if (God forbid) we are missing this much offensive firepower from our lineup to start the season I think AV is going to revert to his old style of defensive hockey to start the season and hope that Luongo and our defense can steal us some games.

Not sure why this has blown up to this degree over some minor injury report as well.

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