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Originally Posted by Pez68 View Post
Actually, I'm speaking as the guy that is almost always leading the rush, gaining the zone, and then setting up the offense. Nice assumption though. You obviously don't watch much hockey if you think players don't slow up and allow their team to catch up and get into the play, ESPECIALLY at the NHL level. It happens CONSTANTLY. Patrick Kane has made a living of doing just that in his first 4 seasons. I'd actually argue the exact opposite point of yours. Guys that DON'T know how to delay, wait for the trailer, and setup the offense, are the guys that don't have very good careers in the NHL. Pretty much every superstar in the NHL knows how to slow the play down and wait for his offense to catch up.
As with most things in hockey its all about timing.
If a player goes into the zone at half speed just so his teammates can keep up then
A. He/She is going to get annoyed at dumbing down his play for his team
B. He/She will find it harder to get past the D and get into a decent position
However if said player goes into the zone at full speed, gets past the D then when in a safe enough position holds up play for a couple of seconds to spot a pass to his teammates once they have got into position They will have a lot more success.
Unfortunately this is something my last team had a lot of problems with, they had a couple of very fast players who would zoom into the opposing zone, not realising that their teammates weren't in position to receive a pass and then went a made a weak shot into the goalies pads. They then started to get frustrated that they were "doing it on their own". It didn't occur to them to slow play down for a couple of seconds for the benefit of the team.

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