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10-22-2003, 10:11 PM
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This is my first post on this board, I use to post on the espn boards till that one went to hell.

Anyway best of luck to Webb (well in games that he doesn't play the Isles anyway). Webb had a ton of heart & will be missed, but as others have said he wasn't talented & the Isles just didn't have room for him. The young skilled guys such as Papineau, Hunter, Weinhandl (when he comes back) played a role in webb leaving, but I think Godard plaued a bigger role. You can't have 2 unskilled players on the ice at a time & thats what was going to happen if the Isles went with both, because they are both 4th line players. Webb may be a better hitter, although Godard can hit as shown by his hit on Tucker the other night and Webb is better as of now at getting under players skin & drawing penalties, Godard is the better fit. For one Godard is a tough guy that can fight, Webb is someone that would throw down, but he isn't that much better than Barnabyy at fighting. We do have other players that can fight (Asham, Weimer & Scatchard (who is hurt now), but Godard taks pressure off the other heavyweight in Cairns, in which Cairns can focus more on his defense then just being the teams heavyweight tough guy & its shown so ar this year as Cairns D has improved. Also the fact that Godard is much bigger than Webb and his body is more able to handle the battles for longer periods of time. Webb has shown although he is willing to really battle his body wouldn't let him do it on a consistant basis due to injuries.

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