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08-13-2011, 07:34 AM
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That Hightower pickup looks great. Rex the rollercoaster will come back to earth. But he had guys in his face and he held up great and probably secured the starters job. I like how Kyle is designing his offense; lots of rollouts misdirection and play action. A guy like Zorn would design his entire offense mandating perfect pass pro, the QB sits in the pocket no matter what. When it failed, we had nothing, dead in the water. Our WR/RB groups are upgraded. Hankerson looked like Mickey Mouse with those white gloves. He needs to lose them, they are not helping him catch the ball. He looks afraid of contact over the middle to me, welcome to the west coast. The drops are all mental at this point. If we intend to keep him, we need to run some comfortable routes for him.

Banks may make me eat crow. I figured he would be cut in part based on the new kickoff rule taking his job. But I didnt know they added a roster spot which seems destined for a guy like him. No fumbles or injuries, he is a near lock after last night. Robinson bobbled his chance.

OTA's are a joke and completely unneeded to entertain football fans.

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