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09-30-2005, 11:19 PM
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Originally Posted by okgooil
How are they juding this this? I don't think tennis compares but I have to know the standards. for pur pysicall punishment I would go with hockey, football is more pysical but way less games. as far as banging up your body I would take hockey. Notable mention I think would actually be baseball, I know people laugh somtimes and don't think it is a sport but jsut the pure number of games, u play 162, then say it isn't a sport.

As for mental, I would have to say CAr racing. I just think so much concentration must go into it, I mean one wrong move and your hanicap or dead.
The thing about tennis is that they have quite a few stoppages and same with hockey. Soccer on the other hand is 2 45 min halfs of non-stop running. The reason I don't consider baseball a sport is because there is little running and players that are 40+ dominate like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds.

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