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08-13-2011, 08:35 AM
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Originally Posted by EroCaps View Post
...and let's not also forget the Skins played without their 2-time Pro Bowl TE and two starting stud safeties that let Wallace and Brown get open on the Steelers' two major passing plays.

The running game also had their way with an elite running defense and Bowen, Cofield and Kerrigan all made back-field stops.

The Skins negging is just banal.
Lets keep things in perspective. It was the 1st pre-season game, and it was noticeable to me that a majortiy of starters on the Steelers D started to disappear as soon as Ike Taylor broke his thumb. The 3rd pre-season game is the one that counts, IMO.

Having said all that, I liked what I saw from a rhythm standpoint from the Skins. I didn't see a lot of rust, accept for the two drives that stalled in the red zone. I've watched a number of the other pre-season games the last 2 days and I've seen a lot of rust from starting units. Primarily the Crows. Considering the Crows didn't meet for player led workouts, and the Skins did, maybe they did some good.

More specific observations:

1. Rocky McIntosh is not an ILB in a 3-4. A couple piss poor pursuit angles on long Steelers runs back that up.
2. The O-line looked improved, all units. Hightower, Royster, and Helu ran good, and all of the O-line units were the reason.
3. Grossman looked like a QB heading into his 3rd year in this system. He played like I expected him to, but can he keep it up?
4. Banks looked good, and probably proved why he needs a roster spot on this team.
5. The new additions on the D-line looked real good. Jarvis Jenkins, for being a huge person, really moves good.

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