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08-13-2011, 10:41 AM
Ridley Simon
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Originally Posted by WetHog View Post
Lets keep things in perspective. It was the 1st pre-season game, and it was noticeable to me that a majortiy of starters on the Steelers D started to disappear as soon as Ike Taylor broke his thumb. The 3rd pre-season game is the one that counts, IMO.

Having said all that, I liked what I saw from a rhythm standpoint from the Skins. I didn't see a lot of rust, accept for the two drives that stalled in the red zone. I've watched a number of the other pre-season games the last 2 days and I've seen a lot of rust from starting units. Primarily the Crows. Considering the Crows didn't meet for player led workouts, and the Skins did, maybe they did some good.

More specific observations:

1. Rocky McIntosh is not an ILB in a 3-4. A couple piss poor pursuit angles on long Steelers runs back that up.
2. The O-line looked improved, all units. Hightower, Royster, and Helu ran good, and all of the O-line units were the reason.
3. Grossman looked like a QB heading into his 3rd year in this system. He played like I expected him to, but can he keep it up?
4. Banks looked good, and probably proved why he needs a roster spot on this team.
5. The new additions on the D-line looked real good. Jarvis Jenkins, for being a huge person, really moves good.
look at the schedule. 4 wins. Maybe 5.

fundamentals are important in the NFL, but its talent that wins those close games. Most NFL games are decided by a TD, and we dont have the talent to win the close games.

not yet at least.

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