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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Hey bros, why are we fighting here?

Coyle's going to be awesome for the Wild, and he's coming from the NCAA. Zucker's going to do the same thing, hopefully.

Phillips is hopefully going to be awesome for the Wild, and he's
coming from juniors.

Bouchard came from juniors, and he's awesome for the Wild. Schultz
played juniors and is awesome for the Wild. Lundin's coming from the NCAA and is hopefully going to be
good for the Wild.

Different players go different routes, some excel in some places and some fail in others and should
have gone a different direction with their development. It happens.

I don't see why people are arguing, damn. It seems that most Canadians are going to say Juniors is better for development,
while most Americans are going to say the same for the NCAA. You're not going to change someone else's opinion unless you are some
masterful debater of some sort, so just stop. It's annoying and it's
derailed this thread talking about one of the best prospects the Wild
has. Let's just talk about the Wild's future, not about some petty stuff that has no place in this thread.

The reason were fighting is because were overlyproud.

/ Rant

Back to the topic, Coyle already is the Xfactor, if he busts then when lose regardless of how well Phillips pans out I still believe Coyle to have the better ceiling.

I love Phillips and the Sea dogs but one can argue that he benighted from playing on a loaded team.

As for Coyle I saw him 3 times at the WJCs ironically the same amount of games I watched Phillips.

Coyle strikes me as the kind of guy who you love to have on your team but you hate to go against not because he's a ***** or because of the way he's plays (I.E aggressiveness) but he seems like the kind of guy who you just don't like for no reason, because he can spark a team.

I'm mostly talking about the goal he scored against switzerland it just struck a nerve but I get that feel that he's clutch.

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