Thread: News Article: Crowd in the crease (Leighton)
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08-14-2011, 01:42 PM
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Originally Posted by Libertine View Post
I'm not a Leighton fan, but I don't think he means it the way you are taking it. I think he is referring to the way the last year unfolded for him. He signed last summer to be the starter, but he lost his job without a real shot to prove himself because he got injured. Now his future is uncertain and the AHL job may not even be his. He fell off the radar in the organization without even playing himself out of a job.

I hope he is no where near the NHL team and believe they never should have signed him, but I do feel bad for him.
He had a back problem that required surgery without even playing a game of his new contract, and he didn't tell anyone about it until after he signed his shiny new contract. What did he expect us to do not find a goalie to replace him while he was out for half the year recovering from back surgery? We found a better replacement and he got the best contract of his career and continued doing the same crap he always did.

I had no problems with Leightons defficiencys until he acted like he was entitled to a starting job, and then tried to blame defense for his poor rebound control. Hes acting like a spoiled brat about the whole thing and deserves no sympathy. Yea if he had told Homer about the back thing he probably wouldn't have gotten the contract he got but he would of maintained himself being a legitimate guy but he didn't and is whining now that he is making bank on a rediculous contract he never should of got.

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