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Originally Posted by JimmyStart View Post
Insults aside you do seem to ave a huge problem comprehending what is said to you and keep making stuff up that people don't say. Perhaps you';re so busy defending far out opinions that you don't know how to read actual facts without making up your own. Also interesting it seems you have spent all your time telling people how they should interpret that case shouldn''t you leave them to form their own opinions about this guy's opinion? Or do you only abide by the "Do as I say not as I do" rule?

You've offered nothing in support of his opinion or against it while plenty offer reasons why this seems like trash including the St. Croix/J.T. Miller thing which flies in the face of not just these boards but 4 rounds of every single NHL teams professional scouts drafting knowledge. Not hard to understand why people are crapping all over him. Still I liked some of his analysis. I just don't know whether any of it is actually worth anything. Logic and example would lean towards no
Talk about missing the point. It is my stance that calling someone a ****** because they have a different view of a cloudy future is ridiculous.

The poster is entitled to his opinion, but to dismiss a different opinion as ********, because he knows facts that don't exist seems pretty illogical to me. As illogical as criticizing me for disagreeing with someone elae' conventional wisdom.

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